Average Price for Wedding Photographer in New York by Jean-Pierre Uys

Here is DATA released by THE KNOT website. New York take 3 places in the top 5 for most expensive places to get married. Let's face it not everyone can say they got married in New York!  

A photography budget is normally 10% of the total budget. Based on that tradition we can say that the average spend on wedding photography in New York is between $5000-$8000. This would include some form of product in the package. New York is the most competitive place for wedding photography so there is something for every budget. However paying between $5000-$8000 you should be able to get a very good and experienced shooter to capture your day and leave you with happy memories. 

THE KNOT: https://www.theknot.com/content/25-most-expensive-places-to-marry-2015

Weddings are expensive—it's hard to avoid it. Take one look at our recently released 2015 Real Wedding Study and you'll see that the average cost of a wedding is higher than ever. So, if you're planning to host your nuptials in one of the cities listed below, factor in regional price ranges when making your budget. That said, there's a reason these locations come with such a steep bill—they're totally stunning (and, we like to think, worth the splurge). Here are the 25 most expensive places to get married in the US:

1. New York – Manhattan: $82,299

2. Illinois – Chicago: $61,265

3. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley: $57,501

4. New York – Long Island: $56,950

5. New Jersey – North/Central: $55,389

Body of my work by Jean-Pierre Uys

Wedding Photography Art

I recently exhibited at the Wedding Salon in New York City. The title of my exhibit was: The Body of my work.

After shooting over 600 weddings in 12 countries for over a decade I can finally start to have a body of work. I also believe that a having body of work puts you in another league of photographers and artists. It shows dedication to the craft and art. 

I want to encourage photographers and artists who have been in your industry for more than 7 years and feel frustrated. I know how technology has opened up your field and you fight against so much new talent every day. Think about the sum of work you have done. Be encouraged by that and the many stories you have told and seen. The new talent has a long way to go to stand the test of time.

She said YES! by Jean-Pierre Uys

Kevin arranged a surprise proposal in the restaurant cellar at Terrior in Tribecca. This is also the place where they had their first official date.

Kevin was Mr. Romance as he took her down memory lane by framing the "first" moments of their relationship. Our first Kiss (bad), Our first official date, Our real first kiss (awesome) were just some examples.  

Romantic Private Setting

Romantic Private Setting

The lighting and romantic music made for an unforgettable experience. He went on his knees and she said YES!  I think life is about making memories and I am sure Irene will never forget this!

It's all about the ring!

It's all about the ring!

There was beautiful emotion when Irene's parents congratulated them!

It can only get better from this point onwards! #beawesome #followyourdream #beromantic #beinlove #forever

I think many romantic proposal never happen as guys don't have time or resources to execute their ideas. That's why Kevin used the service of Vicky Wang to put together the proposal for Kevin. Vicky could put together Kevin's creative ideas and made it stress free for him so he could focus on Irene and the moment at hand.

Vicky Wang - a modest proposal

Restaurant - Terrior Tribecca

Antonio Urzi New York Fashion Week Feb 2015 by Jean-Pierre Uys

Antonio is worldwide renowned for his costumes and accessories, that have been designed for Maison Armani and Versace and for many celebrities such as  Lady Gaga, Beyonce’, Jennifer Lopez, Rihanna, and others. This was my first exposure to his creations. One can not but be curious and intrigued when his works of art enter the catwalk. He gives the audience a moment of excitement and theatrical drama. Sitting in the photographers box (with about 100 press and media) they gave a loud cheer and you just heard the silence of multiple camera shutters clicking away. 

I will not attempt to label this as a specific genre or time piece. I know this is not for everyone, but I was inspired because I think we are many times too afraid to express ourselves and to see someone like Antonio being bold is inspiring. The world misses out when we hold back. The statements were bold, the models where brave in character. It all came together! This is one of the highlights of NYC Fashion Week 2015.

I have to mention the amazing body paint. I love the space galaxy look on some the makeup.

The first two images I captured back stage. As always my approach is more artistic and intimate.

A Truth... by Jean-Pierre Uys

Let's be truthful here for a moment. This truth has been since the dawn of man.

Would you agree with me that our lives are so intertwined that it is impossible to have no interaction with anyone?  Then "wise and strong man" why do you boast so? Why do you claim that it was the works of your hand alone that made you successful? All we have acheived has been a mix of influences and help from others. The funny thing is we never know how much we have helped or encouraged others as well. We need each other. 

Lets choose then to reach out more and help more. Very important, lets not be afraid to ask for help. We have always been intertwined anyway so why not admit it, why not enjoy it more and why not acknowledge each other more. 

I am successful only because of so many people along my way...I thank you all! You keep me going.


Speciality Family Photos and Holiday Card Photography by Jean-Pierre Uys

Speciality Family Photos and Holiday Cards by Jean-Pierre Uys, an international award winning photographer!

As a South-African I am inspired by the possibilities of how beautiful these holiday cards can be photographed! It’s always my goal to make anything I shoot ART!

Book me for your family photos and let me create holiday cards for your family that remain timeless in its beauty!

I have a gift to create photo’s that will make you look gorgeous in a spontaneous and natural way. We take care of the whole process, I shoot, you choose and you will get the cards delivered to your door! 

Holiday Card Package:
You have a choice of your preferred location (your house or an outside scenic spot) or a studio shoot in a beautiful pop up holiday scene. 
Included in the package is 20+ images in a low res format for social media purposes as well as a $50 credit towards your printed holiday cards.
There are other products to order additionally that will beautifully compliment your photoshoot.

@ Studio location (setup with stylish holiday lights and snowflakes) - 1/2 hour session - $ 250
    Included - low res images and $50 credit towards products

@ Choice of your preferred location - longer session- $ 350
    Included - low res images and $50 credit towards products

* Any shoot can be customized into a more detailed shoot for creating a special family coffee table book!

BOOK NOW before it is too late! Just click here to contact me!

I can’t wait!

Here are some examples: