My story

Jean-Pierre – Acclaimed wedding photographer, artist, and creative explorer

"Gorgeous, emotional, and decisive, the work of Jean-Pierre Uys captures the beauty of the world around us, and touches the hearts of the people he photographs. An extraordinary craftsman, artist, and storyteller he stands apart from the crowd as one of the most experienced and gifted wedding and portrait photographers in New York City and around the world." - Blair deLaubenfels - photography curator and co-founder of Junebug Weddings


I have always been driven by my love for beauty and my passion for life’s important moments. Whether I am shooting an elegant wedding or an intimate portrait session in New York or abroad, it is the uniqueness of my subjects that captures me and informs my work. 

Weddings are full of life, and I’ve photographed over 600 around the globe to date. Each one has been unforgettable, full of moments of love, laughter, tears, and connection with family members and friends. My experience has given me an intimate understanding of the events, flow and nuances that are vital to creating incredible photographs for my diverse clientele.

Portraits are fun, artistic adventures in discovering the essence of the person I am working with. There is nothing like seeing someone’s expression when their personality is truly captured and mirrored back to them. 

My commercial photography is creative and collaborative and I’ve had the honor of working with many top brands including Hirmer, Eckerle, Grosse Grossen, Spar , La Motte, and Starlite media to name a few. My modern approach to marketing, photography and design helps me collaborate effortlessly with visionaries and other artists.

When you want your photographs to speak a thousand words and stand the test of time, I would love to be your photographer.


"Making your most memorable day - unforgettable!"

Awards & Accolades include:

Framed Awards Nomination: One of Ten Best Wedding Photographers in the World 2013

Junebug Weddings: Best of the Best wedding images around the world 2012, 2011 & 2009. (First African on the list in 2009)

Sony Profoto Africa Awards: Gold Award for Wedding Category 2009

Sarie Bruid & Fair Lady Bride: Wedding photographer of the year 2007

Cape Weddings: Photo of the year 2006

Three South-African National Television Interviews - Top Billing, Glitterati and National Wedding TV Show

Nikon Camera's South-African Brand Ambassador Hahnemuhle Ambassador (Worlds Best Fine Art Paper)

My images have been published in over 70 local and international magazines.I helped publish two hard cover Wedding Books