Average Price for Wedding Photographer in New York / by Jean-Pierre Uys

Here is DATA released by THE KNOT website. New York take 3 places in the top 5 for most expensive places to get married. Let's face it not everyone can say they got married in New York!  

A photography budget is normally 10% of the total budget. Based on that tradition we can say that the average spend on wedding photography in New York is between $5000-$8000. This would include some form of product in the package. New York is the most competitive place for wedding photography so there is something for every budget. However paying between $5000-$8000 you should be able to get a very good and experienced shooter to capture your day and leave you with happy memories. 

THE KNOT: https://www.theknot.com/content/25-most-expensive-places-to-marry-2015

Weddings are expensive—it's hard to avoid it. Take one look at our recently released 2015 Real Wedding Study and you'll see that the average cost of a wedding is higher than ever. So, if you're planning to host your nuptials in one of the cities listed below, factor in regional price ranges when making your budget. That said, there's a reason these locations come with such a steep bill—they're totally stunning (and, we like to think, worth the splurge). Here are the 25 most expensive places to get married in the US:

1. New York – Manhattan: $82,299

2. Illinois – Chicago: $61,265

3. New York – Westchester/Hudson Valley: $57,501

4. New York – Long Island: $56,950

5. New Jersey – North/Central: $55,389