Long Island Wedding Photographer, New York Wedding Photography / by Jean-Pierre Uys

I am very happy to be part of the curated Fearless Group of Wedding Photographers. 

I am bringing my creative and different thinking from the years of weddings I have photographed in South-Africa and Europe to New York! All of my life experiences based on where I worked and the people I met end up shaping your perception of capturing people. Mix that with your creative eye and you develop your unique style as a photographer. I can't wait to extend my service here in New York to all kinds of families. I have vast experiences in Jewish Weddings ceremonies, Hindu Wedding ceremonies, Christian Wedding Ceremonies and all other type of ceremonies. I fondly remember one wedding where they played the couples favorite song during the ceremony and the couple started dancing and people cheered and clapped hands! I have to mention that was a bare-feet beach ceremony followed by a chic city reception. 

As always - "Making your most memorable day - unforgettable!"

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