A Truth... / by Jean-Pierre Uys

Let's be truthful here for a moment. This truth has been since the dawn of man.

Would you agree with me that our lives are so intertwined that it is impossible to have no interaction with anyone?  Then "wise and strong man" why do you boast so? Why do you claim that it was the works of your hand alone that made you successful? All we have acheived has been a mix of influences and help from others. The funny thing is we never know how much we have helped or encouraged others as well. We need each other. 

Lets choose then to reach out more and help more. Very important, lets not be afraid to ask for help. We have always been intertwined anyway so why not admit it, why not enjoy it more and why not acknowledge each other more. 

I am successful only because of so many people along my way...I thank you all! You keep me going.